Terms & Conditions

Scope of Application

These terms and conditions apply to product and services offered by Interbit Computing. If you do not agree with these, please advise us before proceeding with any engagement.

Privacy policy

Interbit Computing respects the privacy of its customers. Interbit Computing will not publish any information in a public place which discloses the names of customers, their contact details, or the nature of their engagement with Interbit Computing. Note that when ordering some products (such as software), Interbit Computing must provide details of the customer to the vendor supplying the products. In these cases, you will be covered by the privacy policies of those vendors.

Limitation of liability

Interbit Computing limits its liability to the value of the computer or other equipment within the possession of Interbit Computing should there be a loss (due to natural causes, accidents or thefts). The value will be determined by the cost to replace the computer or equipment in a comparable working state and for a comparable market value.  Under no circumstances can Interbit Computing accept liability for data loss, and cannot assign a value to lost data. It is the customers' responsibility to ensure all data is appropriately backed up prior to Interbit Computing receiving the computer or equipment for servicing or repairs. Data loss is a common by-product of equipment failure.

Payment Policy

Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment is expected at the time goods are picked up, or services completed.


Equipment, whether in part or whole, supplied by Interbit Computing, carries the warranty provided by the original vendors. Custom built computers consist of components which carry original manufacturer warranties. Interbit Computing will manage all warranty claims for equipment purchased through them.  If Interbit Computing handles a warranty claim for equipment purchased elsewhere, a service charge will be made.  Services supplied by Interbit Computing carry a limited 3 month warranty. Changes and/or damage to the equipment after leaving the Interbit Computing premises may void the warranty, and Interbit Computing has the final say on whether warranty is applicable in the 3 month period.

Uncollected Goods

Upon completion of any engagement in which Interbit Computing is either holding or supplying goods (whether hardware or software), the customer will be notified by either e-mail, phone call or SMS. If the customer does not respond, it will be noted and a further attempt will be made within 1 week.  If, after 30 days, the goods are not picked up and paid for, Interbit Computing will regard the goods as uncollected. Treatment of uncollected goods is covered by NSW State legislation. For further details check here Fair Trading Link.